Santos XL discs

Strong and durable.


Santos XL schijven


Real touring discs
Santos XL discs are real touring discs, that allow you to descent with complete control, fully loaded. Hope brakes excel in sportivity, Santos discs are the best choice if you need stable and powerfull brakes.

Long-lasting braking power
The extra thick Santos XL disc is more stable than any other 203mm disc and has more material to release the heat.

With the Santos discs you always have the same discs for both front and rear. Pretty neat!

Compatibility with Rohloff and Go Swiss
A 203mm Santos XL disc fits very neatly on a Go Swiss Hub, unlike the ventilated Hope disc. In addition, the 4 bolt model has been specially developed for the Rohloff hub.

The Santos discs are available in 4 versions: 180 and 203mm, 4 and 6 bolts.


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